Recycling by definition is looping. 

A circle. 

A reclamation. 

I repurpose the forgotten scraps of a business note, of a birthday card envelop. In search of something soft, something tangible and familiar like a memory turned day dream I begin to create. It is here in this whimsical state where I breath in, splash in water and pulp, press and dry. 
It is only fitting that my hands, my textural, loving hands would find a home in the paper making process. Handmade Paper.

There is nothing hasty in this process. 

There are no store bought shortcuts. 

This paper is delicate and full of magic. 

When I finally begin to draw I collect herbs and inks and powders. This is the frosting. This is what my hands have practiced for decades. I draw swiftly as if my brush is a wand. Painting themes that are both: delicate and potent for I know first hand that feminine is not one-dimensional. 

In a world that closes doors to kisses, forms gates around gardens and attempts to tame all that is wild it is deeply important for my work to be positive and pleasurable. I draw and share the bewitching images that the natural world brings me. For it is indeed the natural world that brings me. 

Collect and enjoy the magic. 

Lou is a local, Minneapolis Artist. She uses only recycled materials to create her handmade paper drawings. She is a self proclaimed full circle artist. For more information, to request a commission piece or general inquiries please email Lou at: