Working on some three dimensional works. I am enjoying using every last bit of scrap -and then- if there happens to be a bit left, I can turn it back into paper! I feel so lucky that I can touch and play with these natural fibers. I was the girl who would sit and play in the mud when I was a small one. No shoes were safe, nor really necessary. To touch earth and feel the seasons underneath my bare feet has always calmed me. Making paper is like playing in the mud. My hands have found a happy home. 

Being a Wild Flower


As I previously mentioned and perhaps you've heard me say before - it is extremely important for all my work to be both aesthetically pleasing while simultaneously being emotionally pleasing. I want you to feel good when you are enjoying my artwork. I want to add pleasure to the world. I can only hope I am watering a potential seed of positivity for you. My intention is as my all time favorite quote by Alice Walker: "The nature of this flower is to bloom"

Aging is Beautiful

I was at a local, Minneapolis restaurant on Thursday all nestled in a corner table secretly staring and admiring the table of glorious humans in front of me. Nine beautiful matriarchs sat discussing with one another. They spoke with intention, moving their freckled, worn hands, some brown, some peach, all soft and lined. They listened to one another beyond hearing, past the crow feet and weathered skin. It was like watching trees absorb rainwater. They were magic. I wanted to know them. I wanted to be them. 

This picture of me, 30, smile lines beginning to carve into my face as evidence of my time in this body, as evidence of my time spent in joy. One day those lines won't leave when I relax my face and this will be the true sign of decades of joy. This will be the sign that I might sit at the table too. Something to look forward to, don't you think?

Created to Create

This is the first piece of paper that I kept as a success. It has texture and is soft to the touch. Just like a moth. And like the moth is drawn to light I am drawn to the making process. I have to make. It isn't something I can suppress for long. All you makers out there know what I'm saying, right? We couldn't stop if we tried. Some of us are dancers, some of us are sculptors, some of us share with prose and some of us share and share and share our multi talents because we are inspiration personified! The fact is that we are the makers and we create because we must. We create because there is nothing more we'd rather do. We create because we were created to create. 

Crafting Green

Did you know you can make paper from decomposed leaves? I haven't done it yet, but it may be on my horizon this fall. It's immensely satisfying making full circle artwork. Only recycled materials. The craft store graveyard is not what you think. It is a secret garden. It is lush with all the materials I need. Indeed, I feel full of excitement knowing it isn't the WHAT will I create but the HOW that is the solution. We live on this big beautiful green planet and I've loved her from the beginning. My HOW is exquisite and green just like her. 

Feminine is Fierce

I am drawn to and draw feminine themes. The feline. Florals. Soft. There is nothing one-dimensional about feminine and there certainly is not a box that encompasses all things fem. Indeed, for me, it is about reclaiming things that I was taught to dislike and cast aside. This is an ongoing process of picking up the discarded and holding it (physical, emotional), letting it be just as it is and remembering it is the same softness that is my skin. Soft is not weak. Tender is whole. If you're out there and you're not quite sure if it's okay to be "feminine", it is! Whatever your gender or size or age you can be tender and whole and you. I make for these reasons. Both because I must and because I want to share a piece of me with you. 

More Than Meets the Eye

Did you ever stop and wonder what she could possibly be holding inside? There is a river there. It winds and aches. It bursts and blooms. There is absolutely always more than meets the eye. You know this because you feel it too. And yet people are just cashiers, people are just library assistants, people are just another driver who cut in front of you without permission. There is more than this brief encounter. We are more than we let on. And beyond this deep demure disguise there is also light. If you can, let it shine and if you can't I know it's there all the same. 

Art with Intention


I am a observer and listener to all the details in a moment. I absorb. And what I've found is that a great deal of time and energy is spent on destruction and spite. It is by no means the only thing, but it certainly seems to be a significant dose. I don't want to add to this negativity. I want to produce art that is beautiful, yes, but art that makes you feel good. I wish for you to feel calm or pleased in the way a small smirk creeps onto your face. As a visual culture and a visual artist I am adding to the daily dose of your dreams and ideas. What I produce and you see matters. It is intentional. And I hope that it brings you joy. 

From Scratch


I read a book once about making a toaster entirely from scratch called, "The Toaster Project". I was already on a journey to find a more sustainable lifestyle so the book came to me at the time because I had interest, but never-the-less it made me think about things deeper. We rely so much on someone else sourcing, harvesting, building and fixing our things (and food!) that we don't consider this luxury and it's not even a thought that we could try to do it ourselves. As an artist, I have decided to do just this. The first step has been playing. I have been making paper out of recycled paper scraps for several weeks now. And although I am only at the beginning of this self sufficient journey I'm already in love. 

Spring 2019 St. Paul Art Crawl

With the snow melting away and Spring sneaking up on us I am preparing for all the Art Events just around the corner. I will be at the upcoming St. Paul Art Crawl at the Burning Brothers Brewing. There you will find all of my sale goods including: art prints, art cards, paintings and some new paper creations! I hope you can stop by and see me live paint!

Friday April 26th 6-10pm

Saturday April 27th 12-8pm

Sunday April 28th 12-5pm