Be a Wildflower

The Wildflower is wild due to it's natural, whole state. It is uncultivated. It is free. 

We came from wild. And to be honest with you, my friend, it is all that I strive to get back to. And I am not alone. I am meeting more and more fems who have this commonality. We are uniting in the green of our mother. We are gardening. We are recycling. We are trading and sharing. We are rejecting waste. We are headed home in the most natural form of the word. And the more you see us, the more we proliferate

Being a Wild Flower


As I previously mentioned and perhaps you've heard me say before - it is extremely important for all my work to be both aesthetically pleasing while simultaneously being emotionally pleasing. I want you to feel good when you are enjoying my artwork. I want to add pleasure to the world. I can only hope I am watering a potential seed of positivity for you. My intention is as my all time favorite quote by Alice Walker: "The nature of this flower is to bloom"