I remember cooking with turmeric in my first apartment and it dying the white linoleum in the kitchen and I thought, "Well, there goes a piece of my deposit". However, the beauty of this vibrant, golden root is that it does not last forever. Turmeric is temporary. I love knowing that making art from the earth is time based. I don't feel a nagging at my heart for painting with plastics anymore. I can play the way I've always hoped I could. 

Painting with Herbs

Painting with my pantry. My friend, this is Turmeric, Spirulina and Cinnamon. Imagine hundreds of years ago before the big box stores - How did you get your pigments? I didn't grow or gather these herbs, I just dug around in my cupboard and that's amazing! We take so much convenience for granted. I want to do better. I want to create (because I must) from scratch, from the found, from the earth. AND speaking of earth - These beautiful beyond measure baby bowls are handmade by @dameerrant Who is not only an outstanding artist, but a gem of a human

More Than Meets the Eye

Did you ever stop and wonder what she could possibly be holding inside? There is a river there. It winds and aches. It bursts and blooms. There is absolutely always more than meets the eye. You know this because you feel it too. And yet people are just cashiers, people are just library assistants, people are just another driver who cut in front of you without permission. There is more than this brief encounter. We are more than we let on. And beyond this deep demure disguise there is also light. If you can, let it shine and if you can't I know it's there all the same.