Thrifty and Nifty

Hi. Lot's of good things going on here! First of all I want to remind you that tomorrow is the first day of the St. Paul Art Crawl! I will be at the Burning Brothers Brewing all weekend. I will have the last of my prints and cards and some paintings available. Secondly, I am so excited about my new tapestry made entirely from thrifted scrap material! I hope you like it too, 'cause there is more to come! See you tomorrow (or Saturday or Sunday or all three :) )

Friday April 26th 6-10pm

Saturday April 27th 12-8pm

Sunday April 28th 12-5pm

Thrifted Tapestry


One of my studio assistants here to share with you a sneak peak of what I have been working on. A new, velvet tapestry made entirely from thrifted scrap fabric! Whoop! Plus, the scraps from my tapestry are being put into my paper and so zero waste baby! More to come..

Blueberry Tapestry

I have never been good at sewing. I am an impatient maker. I can only be meticulous for so long before I have to be gestural and get back to playing. With that being said, I have discovered that sewing can be quite relaxing and doesn't have to be so perfect. Here is a blueberry dyed, handmade paper (by yours truly) tapestry. It is 17" wide and 20" tall. It is beautiful and earthy and I am in love with this. 

Gemini, Gemini

As a Gemini with a Gemini Moon I NEED change. This Beauty was a delight to make! There were so many different steps to this process that I found myself incredibly, creatively stimulated. And this is essential for me. I want to make things that feel good, that excite my artistic soul, things that whisper to my perfectionist mind, "Relax, I've got this." All of this.