Sun Self Care

Self-care isn't selfish. Perhaps you're a care taker, an empathetic individual, and you give and give. It's okay to take care of yourself too. You aren't being selfish. Here is your free pass to be good to you. It sounds odd to say, but have you every been empathetic to yourself? 

What would happen if you treated yourself like you treat your cat after a full meal, sitting on your lap as your leg falls asleep. Uh, she is so happy and comfy in that sunbeam.

Take Care of You

I see anxiety as looking ahead and depression as looking behind. I have anxious tendencies. And as an internal perfectionist I can tell you first hand that putting invisible pressures on yourself does no one good. Here's a reminder that you can take a break. Here's a reminder that you don't have to get a million things done today. Here's a reminder that you are brilliant right now. If no one else needs to hear this, I know I do. Be good to you.