Be a Wildflower

The Wildflower is wild due to it's natural, whole state. It is uncultivated. It is free. 

We came from wild. And to be honest with you, my friend, it is all that I strive to get back to. And I am not alone. I am meeting more and more fems who have this commonality. We are uniting in the green of our mother. We are gardening. We are recycling. We are trading and sharing. We are rejecting waste. We are headed home in the most natural form of the word. And the more you see us, the more we proliferate

Crafting Green

Did you know you can make paper from decomposed leaves? I haven't done it yet, but it may be on my horizon this fall. It's immensely satisfying making full circle artwork. Only recycled materials. The craft store graveyard is not what you think. It is a secret garden. It is lush with all the materials I need. Indeed, I feel full of excitement knowing it isn't the WHAT will I create but the HOW that is the solution. We live on this big beautiful green planet and I've loved her from the beginning. My HOW is exquisite and green just like her. 

From Scratch


I read a book once about making a toaster entirely from scratch called, "The Toaster Project". I was already on a journey to find a more sustainable lifestyle so the book came to me at the time because I had interest, but never-the-less it made me think about things deeper. We rely so much on someone else sourcing, harvesting, building and fixing our things (and food!) that we don't consider this luxury and it's not even a thought that we could try to do it ourselves. As an artist, I have decided to do just this. The first step has been playing. I have been making paper out of recycled paper scraps for several weeks now. And although I am only at the beginning of this self sufficient journey I'm already in love.