Thrifted Tapestry


One of my studio assistants here to share with you a sneak peak of what I have been working on. A new, velvet tapestry made entirely from thrifted scrap fabric! Whoop! Plus, the scraps from my tapestry are being put into my paper and so zero waste baby! More to come..

Spring 2019 St. Paul Art Crawl

With the snow melting away and Spring sneaking up on us I am preparing for all the Art Events just around the corner. I will be at the upcoming St. Paul Art Crawl at the Burning Brothers Brewing. There you will find all of my sale goods including: art prints, art cards, paintings and some new paper creations! I hope you can stop by and see me live paint!

Friday April 26th 6-10pm

Saturday April 27th 12-8pm

Sunday April 28th 12-5pm