Shop Local

Today is Minnesota Music Day. Which got me thinking. Supporting our local artistic infrastructure is the only way to keep it thriving and to keep it alive. Here is a reminder to go to local shows, buy art from local makers. When you only spend money on the corporations local art begins to wilt. Instead of grabbing your birthday cards from Target, stock up from a local print maker. Simple, small support on an individual level creates a massive impact for all of are local creatives! 

Take Care of Her

I hope that you are enjoying this Spring weather that has arrived so quickly. My birthday is June 2nd and I relied on the weather so immensely to be Spring as a little girl. Hoping that I could enjoy and celebrate in sunshine and blooming. I would get nervous when the inevitable May snow would inch so close to my special day. Now, it is a time of the past. Yes, it is April, but Minnesota climate has changed dramatically in the last decade. I keep this in mind and try to make wise choices to my contribution to our beautiful, green state. Take care of your home and she will take care of you too