The Only Thing I Collect

I’m a minimalist when it comes to almost everything in my life. I don’t collect things. I keep it simple. What do I really need? With that being said there is only one thing I “collect” and that is art, on my skin: tattoos. Yes, it’s forever, yes it’s on my skin and yes I am absolutely happy I have them. Tattoos are a visual signal to everyone who sees you. They can convey a message in a moment without words. They can start conversations and build community. They can also protect you! I love my tattoos. They are my charms, they are a piece of my story and they certainly art art on a canvas like no other.

Blueberry Dye Try

Testing out different colors on different papers. This is blueberry. Endless play time. If you were ever on the fence about trying something bold and new I just want you to know that you are brave and can do it my friend! Also, if that something happens to be more in tune with the earth and use less waste then I adore you. Give it a go. You've got this!