International Art Day

Happy International Art Day!!

If you look back at the oldest records of the question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" my answer from the beginning was, Artist. To celebrate this happy day I am having a HUGE Sale on my site. All orders over $50 are 25% off all day today with discount code: "ARTDAY"

Gemini, Gemini

As a Gemini with a Gemini Moon I NEED change. This Beauty was a delight to make! There were so many different steps to this process that I found myself incredibly, creatively stimulated. And this is essential for me. I want to make things that feel good, that excite my artistic soul, things that whisper to my perfectionist mind, "Relax, I've got this." All of this. 

Painting with Herbs

Painting with my pantry. My friend, this is Turmeric, Spirulina and Cinnamon. Imagine hundreds of years ago before the big box stores - How did you get your pigments? I didn't grow or gather these herbs, I just dug around in my cupboard and that's amazing! We take so much convenience for granted. I want to do better. I want to create (because I must) from scratch, from the found, from the earth. AND speaking of earth - These beautiful beyond measure baby bowls are handmade by @dameerrant Who is not only an outstanding artist, but a gem of a human