Blueberry Tapestry

I have never been good at sewing. I am an impatient maker. I can only be meticulous for so long before I have to be gestural and get back to playing. With that being said, I have discovered that sewing can be quite relaxing and doesn't have to be so perfect. Here is a blueberry dyed, handmade paper (by yours truly) tapestry. It is 17" wide and 20" tall. It is beautiful and earthy and I am in love with this. 

Blueberry Dye Try

Testing out different colors on different papers. This is blueberry. Endless play time. If you were ever on the fence about trying something bold and new I just want you to know that you are brave and can do it my friend! Also, if that something happens to be more in tune with the earth and use less waste then I adore you. Give it a go. You've got this!