Seeing All of Life

My first cat love, Muffy (full name, Butter Muffin :) ) will be 21 this year. That is the equivalent of 100 human years! She is mostly blind, cannot hear much, spends most of her time on my parents bed snoozing and waiting for snuggles. She has always been sweet and gentle - a lover. Now, she is so frail her legs barely hold her up, her back has severe arthritis and she has shrunken to almost half the size she was several years ago. In this way she doesn't feel like Muffy to me. She doesn't look like her or respond like her, but the thing is, she's still Muffy. We live in a culture that glorifies the young, forgets and nearly denies the old. And I found myself so sad that I was participating in this denial. I had to look at her and touch her and I knew that this was a piece of the cycle of life. I couldn't possibly deny her.