Lou has always amused an unconventional style whether attire or artistic. Flora inspires her. For before pinks burst from buds an entire flower is green. Light lights Lou: sunlight, starlight and fire on female faces have lead her to creative places. She adores chiaroscuro and simply relishes in complex reflections. She is intrigued with the curious complexities of female cultural constructions. Lou is drawn to feminine as well as draws feminine. A cat-like cat lover, Lou is fascinated by felines which are the essence of feminine fauna. And while she loves a cup of tea in the garden- barefoot of course – she wants to look snazzy. Often snappily dressed it is Lou’s eccentricity to do things like dig in the dirt looking darling. With a keen inclination towards fashion and feminine Lou’s artistic talents have inevitably lead her to create Loulure.

Loulure is Lou’s creative endeavor.