Recycling by definition is looping. 

A circle. 

A reclamation. 

I repurpose the forgotten scraps of a theatre costume, of an unique upholstery project, or maybe a dreamy quilt. In search of something soft, something tangible and familiar like a memory turned day dream I begin to create. It is here in this whimsical state where I breath in, sort colors, and form new creations. 
It is only fitting that my hands, my textural loving hands would find a home in the fiber arts. Thrifted Tapestries.

There is nothing hasty in this process. 

There are no new, store bought shortcuts. 

These tapestries are one-of-a-kind and full of magic. 

After searching for just the right cloth I cut playful, round shapes. This is tedious. This requires a steady hand. I cut carefully as if my scissors is a wand. Laying out shapes in various layers to share: color, joy and a second life from the discarded.

Collect and enjoy the magic. 

Lou is a local, Minneapolis Artist. She uses recycled, often vintage materials to create her thrifted tapestries. For more information, to request a commission piece or general inquiries please email Lou at: